Blizzard Of Bans For Risky Crypto Adverts On Its Way

2022.03.09 23:54

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RIO DE JANEIRO, Dec 15 (Reuters) - Politics is often rough and tumble in the Brazilian Amazon, but in one small city two mayoral candidates literally came to blows over the weekend during a bruising election campaign.

The San Jose, California-based judge also said LinkedIn had no implied duty to provide "accurate ad metrics," citing its disclaimer that it was not responsible for click fraud or illicit third-party activity that could affect ad costs.

This latter promotion contained information at the bottom of the page that stated customers were required to buy the cryptocurrency Chiliz if they wanted a fan token and could lose money from their investment.

The Los Angeles Police Department is not investigating Sex and the City star Chris Noth 'at this point' on claims that he raped a woman in his LA apartment in 2004 - after she and a second accuser came forward with allegations of sexual assault against the actor.

There are many people who are constantly looking out to buy certain products and services online.

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Same is the case with internet. Posting classifieds for free have gained popularity throughout the world.

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Industry and consumer groups, politicians and regulators have long demanded action against harmful advertising, which lures unsuspecting savers and investors to hand over cash to fraudsters touting fake or cloned deals and products.

Holly Mackay, of straight-talking investment website BoringMoney, says the flurry of crypto adverts in recent months has been 'hugely concerning' and believes the bans send out an important message.

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