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For many years, people believed that the best strategy to improve digestive health was to consume probiotic food regularly. These synogut Amazon Uk supplements are foods that contain live microorganisms that stimulate digestion and protect our intestinal tract from the invasion of bad bacteria that cause infections. However, modern research reveals new facts about probiotics, leading health experts to seriously ask themselves whether these foods are really useful for the human digestive process. On the contrary, the new substance has come to light and all indications are that this could be a real magic solution to improve digestive health.


The discovery of prebiotics


This new substance is called prebiotics. Unlike probiotics, which are not naturally found in food, prebiotics are found in most common foods, especially in fruits and vegetables. These substances are needed by good bacteria in the intestines to thrive and do their job properly.


By consuming prebiotic foods or prebiotic SynoGut supplements regularly, you can ensure that the population of your good bacteria will remain stable. What's more, you won't have to ingest foreign bacteria into your body, which can actually be quite dangerous because you don't really know where those bacteria come from.


Digestive functions of prebiotics


In addition to nourishing the intestinal flora, prebiotics can contribute in other ways to improving digestive health. Some of the most prominent advantages are the following:


* Increases the absorption of vitamins and minerals


* Increases immunity against infections and diseases.


* Prevents the growth of bad bacteria.


* Accelerates metabolism.


* Helps with weight loss.


* Reduces the risk of intestinal diseases such as colon cancer.


Food sources prebiotics


Prebiotics can be found in many different types of common foods, but some of the richest sources are whole grains, nuts, seeds, and certain fruits and vegetables. Kiwi is especially known for its extremely high concentration of prebiotics, as well as for its richness of fiber, phenolic compounds and enzymes.


Therefore, it would be logical to think that consuming more kiwis will definitely help improve digestive health. This is true, but it is not so sensitive when you think about it. To get all the prebiotics you need to keep your intestines and entire digestive system on top, you should eat three or more kiwis a day, including cloudy skin, which is not very pleasant to eat.


Fortunately, there is a better solution, namely the use of a SynoGut supplement based on kiwi. Be sure to choose one that involves the skin and that is not treated with heat-based methods. You should also make sure that the kiwis are harvested from a clean farm without pesticides. Those from New Zealand are highly recommended for their purity.


To improve the health of the digestive system, it is worth being careful in choosing SynoGut supplements to use. If you make a careful choice, the digestive system and the rest of the body will have huge benefits.

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